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      a) Vanquishing Age Obstacles    

      b) Assessment -What Am I Selling?  

      c) Internet

      d) Successful Search Factors


The first question candidates should ask when they examine the market is the following:

“What do I have to offer to my next employer?”

Their goal is to answer this question succinctly. They need to consider their past accomplishments and the direction they want to take in the next stage of their career.

Candidates will create each building block of who they are, what they want and how they can help. These blocks will be used as the basis for their resume, research, networking, interviewing, negotiations and final transition to their next position.

3. Build an Effective Resume - WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW

      a) Polishing Your Resume

      b) Employer’s View of Your Resume

      c) Effective Resumes

A resume is the main marketing document that applicants use in a job search. This document lists their skills, experience and career direction.

Just like any good advertisement their resume should include enough information about the candidate (the product) to peak an employer’s interest (the buyer). It is important not to include too much information as an exceedingly lengthy resume looks cluttered and is difficult to read.

The tools on this Program will not only teach them how to avoid classic resume mistakes; these tools will help them create a resume that exceeds the competition and generates the attention they deserve.

Ultimately, they’ll learn what managers, recruiters and human resource professionals are looking for when they scour hundreds of resumes. The candidate will learn how to keep their resume on the top of that pile!

4. Research the Market - WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW

     a) Find Your Job Title through Want-ads/internet     

     b) Informational Meetings-when You Change Careers


Research is a key component of the Job Search Road-Map. After all, candidates want to make sure they understand different paths that might take them to success.

Research can help them identify a profession that fits their experience, knowledge and skills optimally.

To be effective in approaching a company, it’s necessary to research it. Examine the key players, location and overall profitability.

Before candidates go to an interview and even before they start networking they need to educate themselves about the companies that they are targeting.

5. Learn the Art of Networking - WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW

      a) A Guide to Networking

      b) The Six Points of Sale

      c) The Art of Networking

In today's competitive job market most job seekers land that great next job by networking. Networking will help candidates get a better job in less time. In networking, they capitalize on skills they currently possess with people they already know.

For effective conversations, they need a good verbal commercial.

Those who best articulate what they want to do next will land jobs significantly faster than those who are vague and uncertain about their future.

These best practices will help them become excellent at networking so they can land a great job!

1. Examine Options - WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW

     a) How to Manage Stress That Comes with Change

     b) Transform Your Home in Your Search Headquarters        

     c) What about Your Finances?


Change often opens an opportunity for self examination. This is a moment in time when candidates wonder if they want to continue their current path.

Humans are complex. On one hand we love routine and predictability and on the other hand, we love change and an opportunity to evolve and grow. However, whether we are in a stage of predictability and routine or in a phase of transition and evolution, we grow.

It’s time for candidates to stop and think for a moment... they are in a stage focused on change. They can seize the opportunity and maximize all possibilities. If they decide to continue in the same path, great! If they wish to change it, great!

Welcome, let us introduce you to the ROAD-MAP for the best OUTPLACEMENT SOLUTION. This is the guide the job seekers are going to follow to find the right job fast!  Our program offers your sponsored ex-employees the Know-How, training together with video presentations and valuable resources. All of this is designed with one thing in mind; successful career transition to a new opportunity.

With these tools, the candidates will assess their accomplishments and choose a direction. We will teach them how to create a comprehensive message in the form of a resume, cover letter and verbal presentation. To broadcast their message we will guide them in using their current contacts and in making new ones. Once they have interviews, we will help them master the art of interviewing and then negotiate a win-win job offer. All of this can be accomplished in a competitive market with the right skills and determination.

Our Road-Map the best Outplacement Solution has eight easy-to-follow steps so that candidates know exactly how to proceed at every moment of their job search plus multiple resources such as: templates, samples, learning quizzes, networking tools, Job boards, recruiters, and much, much more!

6. Other Methods of Search - WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW

      a) Maximizing Job Fairs

      b) After the Job Fair

      c) Internet/newspapers Want Ads

      d) What about Recruiters

      e) The Best Search Strategies

When searching for a new job it is common to use recruiters and agencies or look through newspapers and Internet postings. It’s important to transform these mostly passive strategies into a more proactive approach. This will ensure that these search strategies yield results.  

In this step candidates find that they’ll get more jobs leads with less effort by following our step-by-step comprehensive job search plan.

7. Master Interviewing - WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW

      a) Interviewing on the Phone

      b) Important Interviewing Questions

      c) Interviewing with Ease

Managers use interviews as a means to decide who the best candidate for a job might be. The best jobs do NOT necessarily go to the most qualified person; they go to the person who is the BEST at performing in the interview process!

You will learn and improve interviewing skills to achieve results. You will learn how to communicate about essential topics at the right time and in detail that is appropriate for any given situation.

You will also learn how to develop key statements for a successful interview. If you implement these techniques you will get hired!

More Resources & Tools

Job Boards and More

Cover Letters Templates and Samples (DOWNLOADABLE)

Resume Templates and Samples (DOWNLOADABLE)

Us Companies’ Data

Job Seekers’ Forum

Modules’ Quizzes

Multiple Source News Feeds to the Minute

Job Search Tips & Articles

Job Seekers’ Chat Room

Entrepreneurship & Consulting

E-Book or Hard Copy + DVDs & CDs of the Road-Map

As an extra feature a copy of all the contents for candidates to keep are available (Speak to the T.O.S. Team for more details.)

And much, much more...

8. Negotiate Your Offer - WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW

      a) Negotiation Techniques

      b) Your Value in the Market

      c) Win-Win Negotiations

The key is to know when, what and how much to negotiate. In this module, negotiation is broken into a seven-step process. The ultimate goal of these seven steps is to acquire a win-win results for both sides.

Candidates don’t have to be afraid to ask for what is fair. Take the fear away by learning how to safely and effectively negotiate your way into a mutually beneficial compensation package.

If they know their value in the marketplace and can identify what a future employer really wants they can successfully obtain an agreement that pleases both sides.

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