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About Us

The Outplacement Solution is a premiere career community that offers relevant job search knowledge, expertise, resources and content for job seekers.

We bring over 20 years of experience in the ability not only to achieve results, but to compete and excel in meeting your highest potential. We provide career management and outplacement services offering multiple options to be tailored to your needs.

The Outplacement Solution’s team has successfully helped all levels of professionals in all disciplines manage career transition and business growth periods. We use a proven step by step methodology based on over 20+ years of research.

We have partnered and helped professionals, that because of downsizing, merging, restructuring, or other significant change are in search of a new opportunity, by providing them state of the art career management services.

The Outplacement Solution also understands that the affordability of these services is often the key factor in acquiring them.

Our Team has created and produced “The Outplacement Solution ”, which allows you to bring experts to a location of choice.

These proven techniques and strategies have been compiled and are presented in detail by the very top experts in the field today. Experts who have acquired their knowledge, experience and skill while they were part of the largest and most recognized career management and talent development companies in the world.

Our approach is to deliver the highest quality service without the high costs attached to the service due to “bricks & mortar” cost.

We approach the market recognizing that most professionals already have access to the basics at home or public offices (home office, public libraries, etc.). Therefore the need for an off-site office is just a cost that is added on to your job search.

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